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Leader Vol. 2 No. 1,, February 2014

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Editor in Chief Bob Scully Vol. 2 No. 1 February 2014

From the President – I am happy to be joining you as the incoming President of the Technology Management Council. This is going to be an active year, as we work to transition the Council to a Society to better serve your needs. In early March we plan to host a live Twitter chat to discuss the transition. The date and times will be announced closer to the time on our Twitter feed @ieeetmc. Please also feel free to contact us on the contact form on our site to send us your questions and suggestions. J.Trelewicz

Here’s How to Really Size Up a Startup – The title of this article by Jim Dougherty in the Harvard Business Review blog, suggests only evaluation of startups, but the information inside is useful for anyone in leadership of any company, small or big. The pricing and the compensation plans of a company communicate a great deal about how the company works with the market and how the company works with their employees, all in the context of budget. In a large, mature company, these plans (along with other information in your job) can help you to concretize the company philosophy and culture. If you have any influence over these plans in your work, then this article can help you to understand the importance of attention to pricing and compensation. http://blogs.hbr.org/2013/10/forget-business-plans-heres-how-to-really-s...

Five Bosses You Don't Want (Or Want to Be) – The top-N list is an attractive format for many types of information, and this article by Jack Welch on the LinkedIn blog is no exception. That no one wants to work for these management types is obvious (and also that we cannot call these "leadership" types!), but reading this blog can help you to recognize some of this behavior in your own style, if it is there, so that you can work on eliminating characteristics that damage your leadership. One will need an account on LinkedIn to read the blog, but a LinkedIn account is an important profile to have these days, anyway - LinkedIn is used frequently for business networking, potential deals, even job offers. One would be wrong to confuse LinkedIn with Facebook or other "social" networks. http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20131209210429-86541065-four-...

How Google Sold Its Engineers on Management – This article from Harvard Business Review by David A. Garvin provides some interesting information that can be useful for your organization.
The Challenge: Knowledge workers often doubt managers’ contributions, especially in technical environments. This was the situation at Google. At one time Google tread eliminating all managers, it didn’t work
The Solution: Google’s people analytics team convinced the skeptics with data; they used the same rigor that the company uses in hiring and in its operations. Responses verified that management does matter.
The Outcome: People at Google now value management. The Company has established concrete guidelines and expects a Google manager: to be a good coach; to empower the team and not micromanage; to express interest in and concern for team members’ needs and personal well-being; to be productive and results oriented; to be a good communicator, to listen and share information; to help with career development; to have a clear vision and strategy for the team; to have key technical skills that help him or her advise the team.

Conferences International Technology Management Conference (ITMC 2014) – Chicago IL, USA June 12 - 15 2014 Make your plans now to attend by registering at http://ieee-tmc.org/itmc2014-registration
ITMC 2015 A Call for Proposals has been distributed to all TMC Chapter Chairs seeking hosts for our 2015 flagship conference. Proposals should be submitted to our VP, Conferences, Alfred Stevens.
Ethics’ 2014 TMC is a co-sponsor of the first IEEE International Symposium on Ethics in Engineering, Science, and Technology, Ethics’2014. The conference will be held May 23-24, 2014 in Chicago, IL, USA. Details are available at: http://sites.ieee.org/ethics-conference/


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