Leader Vol. 2 No. 3, September 2014

Editor in Chief Bob Scully Vol. 2 No. 3 September 2014

From the President – We are entering the IEEE membership signup and renewal season from 2 September, when you have the opportunity to join the Technology and Engineering Management Society and participate in our collective future. If you are a Chapter chair or Chapter member, we kindly remind you of the importance of joining before the end of December.
This is thanks to the IEEE Board of Directors, who approved our transition to Society this summer. We look forward to having you as a member!
Jennifer Trelewicz

Becoming a more effective leader The McKinsey Quarterly published a short article by Joanna Barsh and Johanne Lavoie in the April 2014 edition, "Lead at your best, Five simple exercises can help you recognize, and start to shift, the mind-sets that limit your potential as a leader." Leaders at many points in their careers (from lead engineer to C-Suite executive) may find this article to be interesting. The authors outline real exercises that the reader can do to help identify one's strengths, most valued areas of trust, and approaches to problems. The tasks themselves are simple, but the results can help us to "think outside the box" and become more effective in working with colleagues and with ourselves. As quoted in the article, "Look for problems and you’ll find them; look for solutions and people will offer them."

Leaders provide protection and lead This assertion is consistent with Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs.” High on our personal agendas is to satisfy our psychological needs to excel after our basic needs are satisfied. Therefore workers will be most productive and enthusiastic when they work in a self-actualized organization, one with formal business process but freedom to define their own performance level and career future. The outcome is good for the company and good for its employee.
We all want to work for competent leaders whom we can trust to lead the company to success, treat us fairly, and provide reasonable job security. Given that lifelong employment is a thing of the past, we want to be able to learn, given responsibilities, and advance our career in ways that will make us employable anywhere….
Toward Entrepreneurship www.miltonchang.com

A Sea of Change Ahead The TMC is soon to be a new IEEE society in January. This is such a rich field of study that elite universities such as Northwestern are now running Masters in Engineering and Management degrees in addition to traditional MBA programs. Dr. Mark Werwarth who is the director of the NU MEM program has indicated they want to be closely involved with the new Society in the future. If you’re interested in technology management, please consider joining the brand new IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society next year to enrich your career.

Chapters On 1 January 2015, TMC transitions from an IEEE Council to an IEEE Society. This transition will impact all of the existing TMC Chapters, and will bring new opportunity to Sections without current Chapters. Many of our current members are not aware of the transition, do not know of the new Society, and hence will not know to join the new Society. We need to work at both the Society and the Section level to ensure that those members who are interested in management and leadership understand that there is now a Society which they can join for networking at the local level, for publications, conferences, and educational products. Sections without a current Chapter will now have the opportunity to embrace a new Society addressing management areas specifically.
Please help to ensure that people understand they need to click the box for TEMS on their renewal form to remain or join the Technology and Engineering Management Society. The option will become available 2 Sep 2014.

Conferences Chicago hosted the International Technology Management Council 2014 Conference at the Chicago Marriott O’Hare in June. Conference leader Alfred Stevens superbly managed a small but committed volunteer team that included Luke Maki of Boeing and Chicago Section volunteer Mohammed Siddiq. Contact Mohammed if you’re interested in getting involved in his recruitment efforts which usually include free conference sessions attendance.
A high turnout of international attendees was present, including Andrus of Austria who described one of the Cloud Computing Panels by expert Mehdi Bahrami as one of the most informative sessions he ever attended. Program Chair Peter Salerno assembled a stimulating program of keynotes and international paper presentations. Keynote speakers included IEEE-USA President Gary Blank and Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, Halliburton’s Chief Data Scientist. Chair Rich Fedrigon organized workshop sessions including an Agile bootcamp, Smart Government and Analytics, Six Sigma, and Cloud Computing.
The topics of the ITMC’2014 were deemed to have broader appeal beyond IEEE membership, so an outreach campaign was made to other local professional organizations such as ASQ Chicago Section, PMI Chicagoland, CQAA and INCOSE. Unfortunately, this effort failed to attract much non-IEEE attendance. Nonetheless, several instructors came from these other organizations, including Brian Vanderjack, a past PMI diner keynote speaker, and Master Six Sigma Black Belt Arvind Srivastava, president of ASQ Chicago.


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